Doors of Charleston

Walking along the narrow streets of Charleston, South Carolina it’s easy to see how different and unique every house is. Aside from street numbers, almost every house has a different door color. For some reason, I said “I really like doors” and the entire time we were in Charleston everyone pointed out different doors for me. They were really beautiful, and I have enough pictures of doors to build a village…almost. 

Historic Door

After walking around the streets looking at all of the different doors, I started to really like the red doors and wanted my photo taken in front of one by the end of the trip (so pic credit to my mom!) 

Rainbow Row

Famous Door
This door might look pretty familiar to you if you have a pinterest account, my sister had one bucket list item to see while we were in the city, and it took us the entire 2 weeks to find it on our last day. This was the most excited she had been the entire trip. 

Charleston South Carolina
17 Tradd Street

 I mean, I don’t blame her, this house has such beautiful color and character. Shortly after leaving this spot, I thought about the person who lives there and how it must feel to have a house that is so popular and pinned countlessly by the internet! We also saw a few doors at dusk, which was a lovely time to walk around the city as it wasn’t too hot with the sun in the sky! 




 I’ve talked a lot about the history of Charleston, but it’s so interesting to me and I really enjoyed every minute that I was there (aside from being stuck at an auto shop for over 3 hours). While nobody invited us inside for iced tea or lemonade, we had a lovely time taking it all in. 


I hope you enjoyed this post! Time goes by so quickly, and being away from the internet world and leaving my phone tucked away helped me take in, and enjoy every second. Make sure you’ve checked out my instagram for more fun photos from the trip, and follow me on facebook and bloglovin! 

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