Lost by the Lake

There are only a few weeks left in my semester abroad, and I can’t think about it too much or I’ll cry. I’ve honestly fallen in love with this country, and one of the prettiest places I got to travel to was the Lake District. 

Though the weekend we went was misty and foggy, it was still gorgeous and breathtaking. We had two days to explore the town of Ambleside. The CoreFour had gotten ourselves lost on the streets of Ambleside, which wasn’t too bad since the town is really cute! I really would not have wanted to be lost with anyone other than this group of best friends anyway. 

Ambleside UK
None of us fell into the mud or waterfalls, but some of us purposely jumped in the lake later on. 
Windermere lake
One of my favorite memories from this trip? Has to be walking 5 miles with Catie to get Gingerbread in Grasmere. It’s famous, tastes amazing and smells incredible. Mini shoutout to Catie because she had just gotten back from Ghyll Scrambling (waterfall climbing) and was up for walking 5 miles with me for food. We took the taxi there because we all had a little nap, and the shop closed at 5:30p. 

If you want to get some amazing gingerbread, go to Sarah Nelson’s Gingerbread in Grasmere!
It’s fantastic, it was about 8 pounds for a bag of 12 and about 6 pounds for a bag of 6. 
Lake District was so beautiful and I cannot wait to come back and visit again someday. 

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  1. Time flies! I know how you feel right now, the same thing happened to me when I had to come back home after spending some time abroad. Trust me, you won't be the same person when you go back. All those experiences change you, you will feel older, wiser and more experienced. The best thing are the people you met and the memories that you'll cherish forever 🙂



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