Kiawah Island Wildlife

I love wildlife. Travelling opens your eyes to so many different things. While my family was on Kiawah Island for a week, we ran into so much wildlife. This post is going to be pretty picture-filled, I hope you don’t mind! 

Horseshoe Crabs wash up on shore


A surprising sight, while on Kiawah Island. A Bobcat on one of the bike trails on the way to the beach. People were gathered around it, and it really had no where to go. Poor guy looked a bit spooked.


Ocean Crab
When the tide would go out, the crabs would get stuck in the tide pool and zipped around when I walked through them. 

Beach Birds

Hermit Crab
There were also hermit crabs on the beach, I never knew hermit crabs were beach creatures! 


After a tropical storm, a few jellyfish popped up on the shore in the morning.

Big Birds
A regular sight on our way to and from the beach. There was a massive Osprey nest, and they were fun to watch. 
While we enjoyed walking to the beach, we also took a few mornings to bike ride where we saw this bird. 

Long Beak
And our pal, the alligator. 

South Carolina
South Carolina

One Claw
These ducks were hilarious, bobbing in and out of the waves, and riding them back onto shore. 
We were lucky enough to find not only one starfish, but two! 

Beach Find
And the turtle patrol was also out one morning, where we watched them uncover a turtle nest. They collect one egg from each nest, since Loggerhead turtles are endangered and they need to learn new ways to protect them. It’s probably one of my favorite photos from the trip. 

Endangered Species
I loved exploring the beach at the end of the day when the tide would go out, and the creatures would have to wait a few hours until high tide again. I loved finding conch shells after the storm. We found 3 or 4! It was crazy. I wish I was still there! 

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