Night Market

Charleston is a city that is filled with so much history. Everything changes when the sun goes down. The streets look different, and the colors of the houses go away, but it’s still magical. Walking around Charleston at night on the cobblestone roads is really fun. 
While my family spent time in the city (the first night we were there), we were lucky enough to experience the night market. 

South Carolina

The market in Charleston was built between 1804 and the 1830s. It was rebuilt once after a fire, but is still the oldest market in the United States. 
Charleston is filled with such deep and long history, I’ve loved it every time that I’ve been able to be walk the streets there. There was also live music between buildings! 

Night life

Do you ever imagine being in a city way back when everything was settling into place? Charleston is so beautiful and I hope that you all get to see it someday! The food is amazing, the people are great and the weather has never disappointed us yet! 
Do you like visiting historical places? Have you been liking my travel posts? What is your favorite thing at the market if you’ve been to one! 
Make sure to comment below, I love hearing from you! 
x Kenzie

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