Jestine’s: Charleston

5 years ago, in the month of June, my family and I did a different road trip where we spent the last few days in Charleston and then Nashville. When we had the opportunity to spend (what we thought) would be just one night back in Charleston, we wanted to eat at a local favorite. 

Charleston SC

Our shuttle driver, JP, suggested Jestine’s, which is near the historic district and as we drove past the restaurant, four out of five of us immediately recognized the place. Jestine’s was our favorite spot to eat when we were there five years ago and we were eating there again. 

Sweet Ice Tea

Walking into Jestine’s I immediately knew where we had sat 5 years ago, which means not much as changed. Which is really great. There weren’t any lines and we got in right away. At a popular place like Jestine’s lines are pretty common and last time we had to wait about an hour before getting a table for four. This time we had my step sister along, and our party of five was seated right away. 

The four of us that had been there before, reminisced about the cornbread and fried chicken (their specialty). We ordered cornbread for an appetizer, and put in our orders of food. 

Bad Girls Poster
Jestine’s had cute little photos up, as well as magazine clippings that told about Jestine’s life, a feature in Oprah’s magazine and a ton of other bits. The staff were super kind too. 
Our entire table ordered something different, I did just a plate of shrimp with okra (I have never eaten so much okra in my life!). 
Table for five

Honestly, Jestine’s is definitely one of my top 3 places I ate on this trip! They have a wide variety of food that locals love, a great atmosphere and I loved it. 
I still can’t get over the fact that we couldn’t remember the name of the place we had been to five years ago that we loved so much, and wound up back at it again! 
Jestine’s is located at 251 Meeting St, Charleston, SC

I hope you enjoyed this post, I miss all that shrimp down there! Do you have a favorite place you always go on vacation/holiday to eat? If you could eat at one place for the rest of your life for free where would it be? 
x Thanks for reading! 
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