A weekend in London

A few weekends ago, my friends and I hopped on a train shortly after London Fashion week and headed for the city. Seriously, life will never be the same once I go back home where there are no train stations and I have to actually remember how to drive.

Anyway, we stayed in a cute little airbnb in a suburb called Herne Hill. On Sunday they have the cutest market and while the train may not have been running, it was lucky for us since it forced us to go through the market.


We traveled to Farm Girl Cafe near Hyde Park, where I got what I had been craving. Avocado Toast. Inspired by a few of my favorite bloggers, I was really excited to have a meal. Let me tell you. It was great. There was a line, as we went on a Friday, but it was totally worth it.

Avocado Toast

Walking through Hyde Park while the sun was shining and looking at the little pond there, was one of the best feelings. Little moments like that really make me realize how lucky I am. I even saw Max Hurd (coblogger of The Trend Pear) walking his dogs, I didn’t say hi, but wow.

Eleanor Calder

We didn’t hit up Harrods last we were in London, so we headed over there after Hyde Park. Harrods was much bigger than I had expected it to be, which had us lost at least three times. That place is a serious maze filled with designer clothes, food stops and restaurants. Did you know that just around the corner from Harrods is where they filmed The Parent Trap (the one with Lindsay Lohan)?

PC: Hannah Perdew
Parent Trap House

We had so many laughs during this trip, and it really made me feel blessed. This past week we had a happy cry about how much we love each other. So i’m warning you all now that there will be a sappy post or two come April.

PC: Hannah Perdew

I only have one more free trip to London in March, do you have any suggestions? I would love to visit Hyde park again, as well as tour Westminster Abbey and maybe hang out around Trafalgar Square! Also the food in London. Fantastic.


ps Catie and I had a treat yo self moment in Covent Garden when we bought Birkenstocks for our upcoming trip to Greece. Also, you’re not best friends unless you have matching Birks right?
pps. Niall Horan was in London near Big Ben while I was in Camden and I’m really upset our paths haven’t crossed yet.

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