Wicked Weed: Asheville

Time goes by so quickly, it actually blows my mind. Just last month I was in Asheville, North Carolina sitting in the warmth of the beginning of the summer with the idea of 12 more days of vacation ahead. One of the first places my family and I ate at in Asheville was called Wicked Weed. 

With a friendly staff, and a great atmosphere it was the perfect place to have our first real vacation dinner. The Wicked Weed is situated in Asheville’s downtown area and has a wide range of menu items for everyone. I had the Eggplant wrap with sweet potato fries and it was fantastic! 
Sweet Potato Fries
Since this was our first time in the city, our extremely nice waiter recommended that we head to the chocolate lounge just down the street. Wanting to just check it out (and being in love with desserts) we decided that it would be a good idea to walk off our big meal a bit. 


Peanut Butter Cup
Our waiter did not steer us wrong, we each got a little treat and enjoyed a nice stroll back to our vehicle! Asheville was full of little surprises and beauty, and there is so much more to show you in the upcoming posts! 
What kind of chocolate treat is your favorite? Are you a dessert person or an appetizer person? 

Let me know in the comments! I do love hearing from you! 

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