Kiawah Island Wildlife

I love wildlife. Travelling opens your eyes to so many different things. While my family was on Kiawah Island for a week, we ran into so much wildlife. This post is going to be pretty picture-filled, I hope you don’t mind! Horseshoe Crabs wash up on shoreA surprising sight, while on Kiawah Island. A Bobcat on […]

Angel Oak

Do you ever just sit back and think about what life would have been like 300-400+ years ago. It would be about 1716 or 1616. There’s a reason I’m asking you this, don’t worry. There’s a tree just outside of Charleston South Carolina, that is about that age. It’s been there for a really long time […]

Making Lemons from Lemonade

Hello everyone! I’m officially back from holiday, while I soaked in as much vitamin D as I could, I let this blog take a back seat. I honestly loved being off the internet, it was freeing not to have it with me and just have my nice camera, not to worry about if my phone […]