Betty’s Cafe York, England

Before each school sponsored trip, they give us a briefing. The professor who gave this briefing loved York for it’s charm and gates and also for this cafe called  Betty’s that had “artery clotting scones with curdled cream and great tea.” 

When we got to York, and found the cafe, the line was around the corner. It was obvious that this cafe was a special place! Luckily, around the corner just down the street is a smaller, lesser known Betty’s cafe. Serving the exact same stuff as the other.

York England

It was a short wait for our table before we were greeted by the friendly staff and ordered our teas and food. I had a homemade sweet potato soup and some peppermint tea. The soup was tasteful, creamy and delicious. I was battling a cold that day and both the tea and soup were just what I needed.

Sweet Potato

Betty’s cafe also has a no phone policy which means you actually have to talk to the person across from you. Crazy idea, I know.

York Restaraunts

But it was so nice, and the prices were not bad at all and the atmosphere was delightful. I would definitely recommend this cafe up and down and understood immediately what the lines of people were waiting for.


If you’re in York, then check out Betty’s webpage HERE. They are open Sunday to Thursday 9am to 7pm and Friday and Saturday’s 830am to 9pm. They also sell little treats downstairs when you walk in and you can pick some up on your way out!  

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