Hiking into Germany

Europe really surprises me. It’s just so easy to go from one country to the next. In the states, if I drive 4 hours south, I’ll still be in the same state. It’s not as cool. 

While my family and I were planning our trip to Prague, we decided to spend one of the days doing a day trip to the Saxon-Switzerland National Park. It’s situated in the North of Czech and shares some of the southern border of Germany. It wasn’t that long of a drive, we left after breakfast and arrived before lunch time for some hiking and sightseeing. 

Saxon-Switzerland does not mean you’re going to Switzerland. I could tell you how gorgeous it is, but I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! 

Driving from Czech Republic into Germany

We visited both sides of the park, and our guide Tony gave us so much information as we went along. Like on the German side near the Bastei Bridge, there was a castle built into the rocks! It was pretty high up, and I can’t even imagine having that view everyday! 

The Elbe River flows through the park, which is pretty cool. Our tour even included a meal halfway between which was delicious! Especially the dessert! 

Have you ever been to Saxon-Switzerland National Park? If you haven’t, what is your favorite national park? 

I hope you’re still enjoying these posts, I’m trying to spread them out so you can enjoy them all summer! 
See ya next time! 
x Kenzie

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