King Street Market

I love traveling, having just been in Charleston in June you’ve probably gotten sick of all of the travel posts by now. There was so much to do down south that I have a lot to share. 
Remember when I said we were stuck in Charleston? Down south, they have a law that says nobody can work on Sunday, therefore our truck wasn’t going to be done until Monday which left us a full day in downtown Charleston. 

South Carolina
Having unplanned extra time on a trip, meant we really had no idea what to do. Luckily for us, Charleston has a street market every second Sunday of the month during the summer on King Street. They block off the entire street and allow food trucks to park there. Crowds of people join in for the fun. 

I even found some Macarons from a French pastry stand. It was salted caramel and it tasted delicious! 

King Street

They even had a spot where you could stop and pet some adorable puppies! 

Having the street closed off, meant I could get cool photos down other streets like this one! 

I also stopped for some lemon ice on our way back to the car. 

Being stuck in Charleston may have prolonged our vacation, and could have caused us a ton of stress, but we could have been stuck in the mountains somewhere between Kentucky and Tennessee. Having an extra day to explore was great, and it’ll be a memory that I won’t forget anytime soon! 
I hope you’re enjoying these posts! Did you visit any street markets this past summer? Hope the weather is staying warm for you all as well! 

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