Autumn Adventure

Well, here we are. It’s the middle of the semester. A couple weeks ago, my University declared one of the weekends ‘Parent’s Weekend’. It’s also called Family Weekend, and it’s a nice way to get the family together and show them around campus and town. It was such a great weekend, so I thought I would share a few bits of it with you guys here! 

It was a cool, crisp Autumn day to begin with. Though that’s typical here in Wisconsin this time of year, it was so beautiful outside. My dad and his girlfriend picked me up from the dorm and met my roommate before we went off to meet my mom and step-dad at the farmers market (which I visited back in this post.) It wasn’t difficult for them to find us since I had stopped to pet the cutest dogs for at least five minutes. 

Here’s a photo of the bridge, everything is so beautiful yet. I’m so glad this weekend turned out to be very nice weather-wise for us all to explore. 
We ventured to a not-so-secret spot that I found by myself last semester to check out the fall colors. 
After hiking about, and scaling down the steepest hillside (I honestly felt like I was sitting while walking just to get to the bottom). Our tummies were hungry and we decided to head back downtown to have a lunch together. 

I ordered this delicious Cider Salad, with goat cheese on a brushetta bread. The place was set in an old building which was really neat, and I think it’s safe to say everyone enjoyed their food. After craving cheesecurds for the longest time, I finally snagged some and they were delicious! There were actually pieces of bacon in them as well. The salad balances that out…right?  

I then lead them to my campus where I gave a tour, it’s always fun showing people around, especially since not everyone gets together like this all in one place besides move-in day. This was much more relaxing and they could see all of the pretty parts of the campus. Some of us even scored some campus clothing to represent! 
Afterwards, we split for about two hours, since my mom and step dad were staying over night and I was staying with them. A nice break from the roommate and closeness of the room. We all came together once again at a bar, which is the same bar that we all ate at my very first day before University!

This is the first time I ordered an alcoholic-adult beverage out at a bar since turning 21 last month! It was actually the best warm apple cider and Captain Morgan!  

We then went to the restaurant a few doors down for dinner, it was amazing and I’m going to tell you all about it in a separate post because it was just that great. After our really nice dinner, it was time to go our separate ways. Though my mom, stepdad and I weren’t too tired, we actually spent a good hour or so wandering the Super Target near our hotel. Only to have to make an emergency run back once I realized I hadn’t packed my contacts solution or case. Oops! 
The next day, we woke and had tea for me and coffee for them and went off to a very nice breakfast of pancakes, omelettes, bacon and eggs (though different things for everyone of course). I stopped off at the dorm, definitely not ready to be back, we were stopping at a new grocery store and a place called the Leinie Lodge in a town nearby. 

The cool thing about going here is that it’s part brewery and part shop. You can taste test the different beers. I’ve been coming here with my parents as we passed by on our way to Minnesota for ages, and I could never taste test the beer. Another first for me this weekend! I even got a souvenir cup. Don’t worry, they give you clean ones! 
I had the best time, and I think it’s safe to say everyone else did too. It’s such a nice thing to get away from the dorm and away from roommates (no offense), and just get out and do things with people who just want to be with you. 
What do you do when your parents visit your University or school or even city if you’re away? 
Stay tuned for my restaurant review! Thanks for reading as always, leave a comment below I love reading them! 

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