Bibia Be Ye Ye

 “Everything will be alright.” That’s the meaning of one of the songs from Ed Sheeran’s new album,  Bibia Be Ye Yeand one of my favorites. 
Last month, I took a quick trip to Venice Italy. Getting there was not an easy task. Before leaving to study abroad I had a list of places that I really wanted to go. Venice was in the top 3. My program does a big end of the year trip for Italy so finding people to just go to Venice with me wasn’t working out, and my plan B was to find a spot at the hostel my friends were staying at, which at first was full. But a few weeks later, a room was available and I took it. Without hesitation. I had given myself two extra days with my best friends. 
I flew from London to Venice, and then took a cab to the city. If you’ve ever been before, you know about the glass bridge. After carrying my luggage up and down stairs at least four times, I was finally in my room. 
Venice Gelato
I had been craving some Coconut gelato before coming to Italy and was thrilled when I found some! After my friends woke up, we went exploring the canals. Venice stole our hearts with all the small winding streets and beautiful canals! 
Venice Italy


Venice Italy


Venice Italy


Italy Sunset
My favorite part of the first day in Venice, was walking over the Glass Bridge and seeing the gorgeous sunset. I still can’t get over that I had left England to go to Venice and was seeing this city with my two best friends. 

Glass Bridge
I would definitely recommend downloading a map app for Venice. There are so many different walkways and bridges that it is so easy to get lost. But like they say, Venice is probably the one city you want to be lost in. New views are on every canal. Also the pizza’s pretty great. 
Venice is getting two posts, so make sure you stick around for part 2! I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’ve ever been to Venice let me know what you loved about it the most! 

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