Prague Food Tour


One thing that I love about traveling to other places, is getting to know how the locals live. My mom did the research for this one, and soon found Prague Food Tours. With 6 days in Prague, it was a clear choice that we would have to spend one day sampling all of the local foods!


We chose to do our tour through. It was honestly one of the best experiences. Our tour guide, Leona was so nice! We started off by meeting at a hotel near our rental apartment and then going to our first restaurant, Cafe Imperial. It was so beautiful.
Czech Food
Kulajda (Dill soup with poached egg)
We learned that the Czech people eat their big meal at lunch (and let me tell you they did not disappoint!). We had soup first, which was delicious! Then you can pick from three options the guide gives you.

Traditional Czech Meal

We learned about traditional Czech meals, and I had fun sampling each dish my family members got! We also learned that the Czech people love mushrooms, and instead of blueberry picking they love to go and pick the mushrooms. They know all about them!

Lokal Prague
Smazeny syr (fried cheese)

After stuffing our bellies, we went onto our next stop! It was called Lokal.  A place to check out Czech bar food. They had fried cheese. My favorite. They also had marinated mozzarella and my families favorite…steak tartar. I’m not a fan of raw meat but they loved it.

Black Licorice Drink

We stopped at a local bar as well, to have a break from eating and to taste some of the fun local drinks! We ended the tour by walking across one of the bridges to my favorite part of any meal…dessert! We had little sandwich bites first, and those were delicious too! The last place was called Cafe Savoy, really pretty and only a short walk from Charles Bridge!

Czech Republic
Open faced Sandwiches


Czech Dessert
Choux pastry and Coconut meringue
But the Czech people do pastries right! The food tour was so much fun and I would highly recommend it. If you need to find out more information check out Leona’s website by clicking HERE  I hope if you’re ever in Prague, you seriously consider this day trip. Aside from walking place to place (they’re really close together), you learn about the history of the country as well and can ask the hosts anything you’d like!
They also have this cool option of going hiking and eating food. Which sounds like fun so obviously I will have to come back to do it!
Have you ever been on a food tour before? Where did you go and what did you love about it?


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