Trip Southwest (Part One)

If you haven’t seen my few instagram posts about where I’ve been recently then you wouldn’t know that I’ve been in Arizona for the past week or so, enjoying time with my family whilst we visited my grandparents. I think I’ll put in a few bits and pieces about the trip amongst regular blog posts. We’ll see! 
 Anyway, the best part of going on vacation is that you’re usually going somewhere warm. An even better perk for this trip was that there happened to be a big snow storm coming as we left and that made getting into the sun and further away from the snow, that much more exciting. Of course flying from Minneapolis, we had to take a quick stop at the Mall of America. Shopping the day after Christmas? Not the best idea. It was packed and if you’re someone who has anxiety in large crowds, then you probably should not go. Though the Christmas time decorations are beautiful! 

 With a snowstorm brewing, they had to de-ice our airplane, which meant they brought out weird looking machines and we sat in the airplane on the runway for about an hour. But we finally took off and I was thrilled. 

The whole getting to Arizona part was fine (aside from the jabbering TSA agents who managed to make the security point take twice as long as it needed to be) I remember looking down over the land we were flying over and it was just beautiful and I wished I knew right where we were so that I could see it up close. Once we landed and realized it wasn’t as warm as we had expected it to be, but that feeling was quickly squandered by the fact that it was still way warmer than where we had just left. 
The sun was out. And that’s all that mattered. 
There were cactus-(es?) and palm trees. And sunshine!

And I can’t wait to share what we did whilst we were there! So make sure you stay tuned for those blog posts coming up!
I hope you all had a lovely holiday! If you’re not back to school yet, I hope you’re still enjoying the lovely holiday! 

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