Golden Gates of Versailles

Golden Gate

Chateau de Versailles, Versailles, France.  (March 3 2017)
Recently, I took a trip from England to Paris France to meet up with my cousin and her friends. The one day that it didn’t during this weekend there was Friday, which luckily was the day we had chosen to go to the palace of Versailles. Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI lived here and each step was incredible.
Golden Gate
The inside of Versailles was just as striking as the outside, lined with paintings and filled with breathtaking detail. I can’t imagine even living in a place like this when it had been new. It’s so big and we only saw a small portion of it. 


To go inside the palace it only cost about 18 Euro, which wasn’t bad and actually cheaper than I had thought it would be! You can also opt for an audio tour, but I didn’t do one, I like to gawk at my own pace. 
After being inside, we thought the palace was outstanding until we stepped into the gardens. In March, the gardens aren’t really in bloom and the fountains aren’t on, but they are still magnificent and there is a lot to explore just inside there! 

If you’re planning a trip to Versailles in the winter, I would definitely recommend going, since it’s off-season the lines aren’t as long and there isn’t as big of a crowd as there would be in the Summer, though I’m sure the fountains and flowers are gorgeous in the summer time! 
Versailles Info: 
Open: 9a-530p
Getting there: 3 train stations near Versailles (closest is Chateau Rive Gauche)
(ps you don’t have to actually go inside if you don’t want to! but I would recommend it!) 
I hope you enjoyed this post, there are a few more Paris-styled ones coming up soon so stay tuned for those! 
Have you ever been to Versailles? What was your favorite part? Who is your favorite Royal Member of France? 

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