I fell from the SKY?!

The Olympics just ended, and I could not help but wonder how someone could ever get their body to willingly fling themselves around on the balance beams and the high bars, but then again here I am about to tell you that I flung myself out of an airplane. 

Skydive Twin Cities

You read that right. 

I wanted to do it for my 21st birthday and we scheduled it for August so that it would also be my cousin’s surprise birthday gift. The day started with having my cousin open  some gifts, and a special golden box that revealed that he was going skydiving! We loaded our cars and drove about an hour to where we would be checking off our bucket lists! 


A lot of people asked me if I was nervous to skydive, but honestly I wasn’t, people do it all the time, and I wasn’t going alone. Learning about the risks, didn’t even scare me. I was overpowered by excitement. Before it was our turn to dive, an  89 year old man with cancer jumped with his family and honestly if he could do it, I could. 

Kenzie Kuivanen

Once up in the plane, we got strapped onto our tandem jumpers and scooted out of the plane. It was surreal watching a plane full of people slowly empty as they each dropped off. I was the last one off and I thought “well if everyone else is off, I better join them” I closed my eyes and we jumped. Cold air hit my face as we fell for 60 seconds from 13,000 feet. Once the parachute opened, I opened my eyes, popped my ears and enjoyed the ride. I literally felt like a bird, or a leaf, slowly floating back down to earth. It’s not as noisy in the sky and it was really peaceful. 




I was really really proud of myself that I did it, I jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet above the ground. I even got to steer the parachute a little, everyone cheered when I landed and it felt so good to say I conquered skydiving. 



We laughed at my video, and my cousins video. A lot of my other family members said they would want to do it next year. I can’t blame them. I found out a few days later, that one of my old math teachers died, and that made me even more happier that I did something like this for some of my last days of being 21 years old. Because life is really short. Why not jump out of planes? 

To see more skydiving photos check out my Instagram and also my facebook
Also I did my dive at Skydive Twin Cities and it was amazing (so major shoutout to the staff & my tandem partner Kerry!) If you’re ever in Minnesota/Wisconsin, definitely go visit them! It’s also so much fun to watch other people dive as well! 

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