Sand and Sunsets

I love sunsets, the colors of the sky as the sun darkens to a dark orange glow. I love it. 
We were lucky enough to visit Kiawah Island in South Carolina, and to see some amazing sunsets while we were there. You have seen a few on my instagram, but I thought I would share them on here if you haven’t seen them! 


Turtle Cove
There is not a bad place to see the sunrise or set on Kiawah! 
One night, we ventured over to a spot called Mingo Point, there was a little spot of sand and hundreds of tiny crabs that would scatter if you tossed a piece of grass or stick near them. 


Kenzie Kuivanen



Mingo Point



South Carolina

Mingo Point

Can you see the Dolphin?
Sunsets have always captivated me, the way the sky goes from light blue to yellow and orange to purple and dark again. There is just something about watching the sunset that makes me feel so at peace and extremely thankful to be able to have the opportunity to see them. 

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  1. What a beautiful post! Your pictures are so good!! Sunsets and sunrises are one of my favourite things ever, they also make me feel at peace. The colors and everything is so so pretty 🙂
    Ps: that crab looks so funny, I've never seen one that close in real life hahah

    Anna x ||


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