Hyman’s Seafood

After a long morning of wandering around the streets of historic downtown Charleston in the humidity and sun, there is nothing better than escaping to a cool brick building off of Meeting Street for our last seafood meal of the trip. 


Charleston is home to so many great places to eat. Having a delay of trip meant we were able to visit a recommended restaurant we would have otherwise missed. If you’re lucky you can try out some hush puppies that the servers give out on the nearby corner, handing you a coupon for a free appetizer. When you enter the building, there are little plaques at every table that tell which celebrities have eaten at that spot. From Raven Symone, Lance Armstrong, The Beach Boys, Sandra Bullock, and so many more. 

For our free appetizer, we ordered their specialty, Carolina Delight. This was my second time eating grits, and they were so yummy! The Carolina Delight is a lightly fried grit cake topped with your choice of seafood (we got shrimp). 

Hymans Seafood
Carolina Delight

The menu has a wide range of fresh seafood, and traditional foods from the south! 

My step-dad got the buffalo and regular shrimp with mac and cheese and hush-puppies!


 Not wanting to stuff ourselves, and knowing the dishes were large, my mom and I decided to split shrimp and grits (with cheese). Our sides were fries, okra and bread. Definitely a good dish to split, and I was so glad we did! 

Hymans Seafood
Shrimp and Grits

 If you’re not in the mood for seafood like my sister, you can always just get some chicken strips and fries! 


We had a great time eating at Hyman’s, our table was the only one filled in our little section so we had the room to ourselves. They also encourage you to visit their giftshop after you eat, where we bought some really yummy smelling scrubs before going back out into the heat. Later on, I opted for some Lemon Ice from one of the carts off the road while wandering around in the heat!

Charleston was recently just ranked the #1 city in the world by travel and leisure, and Hyman’s was definitely in my top 3 best places to eat while I was there! I hope you enjoyed this post, what is your favorite seafood dish? 
I hope you’re all enjoying your week/summer! 
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Thanks for reading!


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