Taking on London

When I first knew I wanted to go to England, I knew I had to visit London. It looked like such an amazing city, since we didn’t actually see any of the city other than when we flew over it, I was excited to finally be there. My screensaver on my camera has been a photo of Big Ben ever since I got this laptop (which is like 5 years ago).

Canada Gate

The first day we got there, we visited Oxford Street while it snowed and rained a bit. Then attempted to ride the tube. We were a group of six and didn’t jump on in time before the doors shut three of us in and three of us on the platform. Luckily, we knew where we were going to get off and we met them a short distance away. The whole experience still makes me laugh. 

We made it to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. Seeing Big Ben in person for the first time ever is such a surreal feeling. I actually couldn’t (and still don’t) believe this is my life right now.


If you don’t follow me on instagram make sure that you do! I’m posting a lot of photos over there. I hope you don’t mind! The weather in London was chilly, we all felt a bit lied to as they told us we didn’t need really warm jackets but they would have helped a lot. Luckily some warm drinks and macarons helped us through. 

We also sat at the church next to Westminster Abbey and it was so relaxing and calm, especially after our hearts were racing from aggressive pigeons and separation on the tube! We split up into groups and I visited Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, which were both amazing. 
A man was making rings right on the square, and it melted our hearts because he didn’t want money from anyone, his sign said: Free Rings, so everyone will be happy. SO CUTE. 
Ring Man
I melt everytime I look at this photo

Trafalgar Square
The rings were gorgeous! 
As I looked around the city I had this overwhelming feeling that I was so lucky to be here. I’m so mushy but I’m really glad I’ve made all of the friends I have so far, they make everything fun. 
I’ve had a few moments while being away where I felt overwhelmed and clustered, but hopefully by the end of next week that will lessen and I’ll actually put my life together. But this weekend trip was my favorite so far and it’s only the beginning. After Trafalgar square my friends and I bought tickets to see Wicked and it was amazing.

London is a dream come true, and it is so breathtaking. Despite the aggressive pigeons, the rain, and snow, England has been a dream and as I sat in the hotel room with my friends laughing about a bidet, I still couldn’t believe that I’m running around England right now. 

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