Dancing by the Sea

One of my favorite places that I have ever visited in the world is Santorini, Greece. I was there with my family on a cruise in 2012, and five years later who would have thought I would have the chance to go back but this time with my best friends.


Santorini was full of amazing memories, on the first day we hung out at the Black Sand beach less than half a mile from our airbnb. It was a bit windy, but we’ve been sun-deprived for so long that nothing was going to stop us from soaking it in.

Elephant Pants

It’s hard to describe a place that is so beautiful in words. Not even pictures do it justice. There was the cutest stray dog on the beach who was so happy to hang out with us, my friend Catie and I even took selfies with him. We called him Ralph and he followed us to a restaurant, and unfortunately we never saw Ralph after that. Hope he’s doing well living on the beach.

Stray Dogs

Black Sand
PC: Hannah 

Because it was off season, a lot of the shops were closed, which was alright because we found a grill house nearby that served delicious gyros! There were so many shops on the beachfront that I’m sure in the summer are filled with people! If you’re going to the black sand beach, it’s a bit rockier than we had expected.

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