Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher, in Western Ireland are truly so breathtaking that they deserved their own post. It was one of those places that you just stand there in awe at how beautiful the earth really is. I felt myself saying “wow” every time I looked over the cliffs at the ocean. 
Western Ireland

We arrived at the Cliffs via Paddywagon bus tour, which I recommend, it’s fairly cheap and the drivers are really nice and give you a lot of insight into the history about the area, as well as lives of the Irish people, which was really nice to hear. Driving through the Irish countryside, I was amazed at every turn. It is so beautiful.

I was lucky enough to have a “rare” sunny day on the Cliffs, and felt truly blessed as I walked around with my friend trying to soak in the beauty for the two hours that we were there. 
It’s so hard for me to seriously tell you just how beautiful they are with just photos. You’ll just have to find out for yourselves someday. The Cliffs are free to get into, and you can walk for as long as you feel like. It was a bit windy though, which I stayed away from the ledge, because it was a little freaky looking down hundreds of feet at the Atlantic Ocean. 
To find out more about the Paddy Wagon tour click HERE
To find out more about the Cliffs of Moher click HERE. 
Have you been to this part of Ireland before? Is it on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments how you’ve been liking these posts, what is your bucket list place to visit? 

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  1. This place looks amazing!! Seems like a very calm place to be at. You know just sitting there and relaxing haha It wasn't on my bucketlist but now it definitely is!!

    Anna x |


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