Spanish Sun

One afternoon train, a sunset flight and I found myself in the city of Barcelona. A few weeks ago, I also realized I hadn’t been back to the Mediterranean sea since 2012. Which is crazy, because that trip was one of my favorites. 
I was reminded why I loved the sea so much last time as I found myself back in a city that was bordered by it. 
We only had a few days to explore, so packed in a lot of walking. Like a 2 mile walk to La Sagrada Familia two days in a row and then resting on a hop on hop off bus tour around the city. 
The Sagrada Familia is a beautiful cathedral that has been in construction since 1882. Which is crazy! The inside was gorgeous, with windows that reflected the sun onto the cement in greens and blues and oranges and reds. 
Sagrada Barcelona

Sagrada Familia
We accidentally booked our tickets for 9am on Thursday and I would actually recommend it. Yes you have to get up early, but the lines later on were a lot longer and it was more crowded. After visiting the Sagrada, we were going to visit Park Guell, but ended up buying tickets for the next day and stuck to finding something else on one of the stops!

I also found some rare sunshine and even though it was less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, I still sunbathed in it. 
We also stopped off the bus for some shopping along the La Rambla, and also for some Gelato at Amorino! Which you may have seen if you followed me on instagram
Gelato flower
I fell asleep that first night ready for the next day at Park Guell, ready for the rainy day and more shopping. I also had my first Sangria that night, which is when I fell in love with Sangrias and more in love with Barcelona. 
You can find more info about Sagrada Familia tickets here
I’m not sure what it’s like in Summer time but it was pretty busy during the winter months! You don’t need very long inside the church, other than to marvel at the windows and structure itself. I would definitely recommend getting your hop on hop off bus tickets outside the Sagrada, which was about 30 euro for one day and 40 euro for two days. You can go anytime and get off anytime but have to use the tickets consecutively. 
Another Barcelona post is coming your way! I spent four days there and there wasn’t enough room in this one to tell you all about it. 

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  1. Aw this was a lovely post!! The pictures are great and I'm so happy that you enjoyed your time here and yes the Sagrada Família is so damn beautiful. Can't wait to see it when it's finished in a few years lol And that ice cream looks delicious, can't believe I've lived here and never tried one omg

    Anna x |


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