Blogiversary and Stamford

My Liverpool blog post went up on my 3 year blogiversary! I hope everyone has enjoyed reading my posts as much as I love sharing them, looking back I can see that I’ve had a pretty wild adventure so far. Right now, I’m in England, a dream I’ve had since I was little, and I’m blogging about it. To those who read my posts, thank you so much. 

This past Wednesday, my school organized a free trip to the town of Stamford, a thirty minute bus ride away from the university I’m studying at. The weather started out sunny during the morning and at the end of it the fog and coldness had rolled in.


Stamford is the prettiest town in England I have seen thus far. Everything from the cobblestone streets, tan stoned buildings, the wooden doors and the massive churches that towered over the village was breathtaking.


The corefour stuck together, taking photos of each other and the magical village we were in.

Study Abroad
PC: Gretchen Reese

Later on, the trisquad went to a cute little place to eat and had soup and sandwiches, it was called Pennies from Heaven. The woman who owns it was so adorable, and it was a nice break from the cold temperature that was starting to set in as it was getting later in the afternoon.


Spending only a few hours in Stamford was so much fun, (even though I really could not feel my toes they were that cold) I hope we get to see more villages like that as this semester goes on.

Stamford England

Kenzie Kuivanen
PC: Gretchen Reese

Have you gone on any day trips to Stamford or any little towns in England that you’ve loved? Let me know in the comments!

Next stop: Lincoln & York 

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  1. Stamford looks adorable, I would love to visit there someday! Was it cold, you didn't have a jacket on in one of the pictures??!! Gretchen is doing a great job capturing all the wonderful moments with her photos!


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