Prague is best known for its cobblestone streets, massive bridge and beautiful castle. It’s a city full of history, and definitely one that has been popping up on those top 10 “places to go in Europe.”

Here are a few of my top picks for things you should do in Prague!

Charles  Bridge

Charles Bridge is known for the many different statues that line it It’s so beautiful, and something you really have to see to believe.


Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock is a must see for tourists in Prague. It gets crowded in the square right before it goes off, and the figures dance around in the little windows above the clock. It’s a little crazy to see if you’ve only ever seen photos of it before. It’s really cool.


Food Tour

One of my favorite things I did when I was in Prague, was going on a food tour! I loved tasting what the locals eat, and what real Czech food is all about. It’s really good. There was a dill soup with an egg in it. Wow. ( I blogged about it here ).

Go up to the lookout near the castle

This view from high above the city was stunning. You can take one of the trains up if you’d rather not walk, but it isn’t that far of a walk if you can manage it!


Day Trips

You can spend a lot of time in the city itself, exploring and wandering around the shops, but another cool thing about Prague is that there are a ton of trips arranged outside of the city. Being there for nearly a week we took 2 day trips. One was a full day and one was just 5 hours.


The markets in Prague are so cool. Especially if you go during a holiday. It was just after Easter when I was there, so I was lucky enough to experience the Easter markets!


John Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is set near Charles Bridge on the castle side of the river, it’s a huge wall painted with sayings and other art. It changes everyday, and it really unique and cool to see!


Dancing House

If you’re into architecture and really cool looking buildings, then take a walk by Dancing house. It’s intriguing.



There are plenty of museums in Prague showcasing different talents from all over. We didn’t go into any, but I have heard they are quite amazing!

Eat at Lokal

One of our favorite spots in Prague to eat was at a place called Lokal. It’s where the locals go and you can get authentic Czech beer food, and Czech beer! It’s pretty tasty!


Walking around Prague, you’ll find so many different things to love about the city! I hope you liked this post, have you been to Prague before? What is your favorite thing about the city? See ya next time!

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