SoHo South Cafe: Savannah

Walking around downtown, historic Savannah Georgia can really work up an appetite! We wandered around the parks, looked at historic homes and gravestones, and our growing appetites lead us to a charming restaurant called SoHo South Cafe. No, we weren’t actually in New York City. 

If you’ve been following my adventures in the south, you could have maybe guessed that we came to this place by a recommendation. Once you walk into the Soho South Cafe, you’re instantly met with it’s charm. There’s a beautiful bar area with blue chairs and fancy lights, and a cute dinning area right ahead. 
SoHo south cafeGeorgia

Soho south
We were seated at a table in the middle of the cafe, each table has unique chairs, as we settled in, we realized how hungry we were. 
Having a few picky-eaters in my family, we had to find a place that could accommodate them. And luckily for us, SoHo south cafe, had a long list of food they offered. 
Southern Food
I’ve said this countless times before, but my favorite meal by far in the south was always shrimp. Shrimp, and fried okra. And sweet tea of course! 


The above picture, is a shrimp po-boy! One of my sisters favorite dishes. 
The meal was so great, the atmosphere was lovely, and the bill even came in a cute little mason jar! 

I loved everything in this restaurant, the decorations, the character and the friendly staff! I hope when you go to Savannah, you’ll pop in for a meal! 
What is your favorite meal on vacation? What is your favorite seafood dish? 
Thanks for reading as always! 
x Kenzie

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