Stepping into a Painting

Before I visited Prague someone told me that it was like “stepping into a painting.” and I loved that image. I loved looking forward to that moment. 


And let me tell you, Prague did not disappoint. While the temperature was a bit chilly, it was still beautiful. We walked along the cobblestone streets and turned the corner to look at the Astronomical clock on our first day in the city. 


Prague still had Easter holiday decorations up in the squares which made them more colorful and we were able to try some of the foods! Being from the cheese state I jumped on the first chance to get some cheese! 


Easter Eggs
Easter in Prague looked beautiful, and there was even a concert in the square when we got there. It reminded me that I really want to come back to Europe and visit the Christmas markets. 
Czech Republic


Walking around Prague was absolutely wonderful. It was kind of surreal that this was my last European adventure of the year, and that my family was in the city with me. We wandered around the little shops until it was nearly time for dinner. We ate at this great place called Einsteins and while everyone else had pizzas, I ordered the cheese gnocchi. It was amazing, and homemade! Apparently a lot of Italian people had migrated through Czech and now there are places you can get authentic Italian foods! We spent other days discovering Charles Bridge, and visiting the Lennon Wall. 



Visiting Prague was just like stepping into a painting everyday and I loved it. I hope you enjoyed this post, and would love to know if you’ve ever been there before! What city was like a painting to you? 
See you next time! 

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