There’s something special about spending a semester across the ocean. When I went to England, I left without knowing anyone in my program. And the first two days I didn’t even know where the cafeteria was. (I lived on a bag of trail mix, because I didn’t realize it had set times that it was open).

Then four months later, I was crying on the front steps of the manor late at night with one of my best friends because we realized we lived over 500 miles apart, and we had no idea when we would be together again. (there might have been wine involved but it was a genuine feeling).


Flash forward to present time, when last week the Trisquad was FINALLY reunited. After spending 130 days apart, Catie and I made the 11 hour road trip down to see our best friend Han, and a lot of other people from our study abroad adventure.



3 months prior, I had made my first solo trip in the United States to Louisville, where I spent the time seeing my best friends hometown and meeting all of the people she talked so much about while we were in Europe.


Kentucky is one hot place, seriously. It’s also beautiful and if you asked me my top 3 states I’d put in right with North Carolina and Hawaii.


We got to do a photo shoot for one of Hans best friends, and ate at all of her fave restaurants near Louisville, and when Catie and I came down to Western Kentucky, we ate at her fave mexican place!

IMG_9186We even ran into more people from our study abroad program and tailgated the football game. It was pretty fun.

Sometimes having a long distance best friend is pretty hard. Because we have so much going on in our week and even though we text everyday (and sometimes leave crying voice mails) it’s never enough until we see each other again.


Here’s hoping that Delta airlines lowers their prices to at least $5 so I can be with my best friend soul mates again.


Do you have any tips for long distance friendships? I have a few already, in New York and L.A that I cannot wait to go visit and explore their cities with them!




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