Wormsloe Plantation

History intrigues me. Being in the south, surrounded by so much history was exciting for me. After a little hiccup during our trip, we delayed our voyage further down from Charleston, South Carolina to Savannah Georgia. The sun was shining and we had just finished our walk around the beautiful city and went on to […]

Doors of Charleston

Walking along the narrow streets of Charleston, South Carolina it’s easy to see how different and unique every house is. Aside from street numbers, almost every house has a different door color. For some reason, I said “I really like doors” and the entire time we were in Charleston everyone pointed out different doors for […]

Sunflowers and Monster Cookies

When you go to bed at half past midnight and are woken up at seven in the morning because you have a roommate who decided to make use of the microwave at such an early hour, and then eat her breakfast only to fall asleep shortly after eating, immediately putting you in a grumpy mood, […]