Doors of Charleston

Walking along the narrow streets of Charleston, South Carolina it’s easy to see how different and unique every house is. Aside from street numbers, almost every house has a different door color. For some reason, I said “I really like doors” and the entire time we were in Charleston everyone pointed out different doors for […]

Night Market

Charleston is a city that is filled with so much history. Everything changes when the sun goes down. The streets look different, and the colors of the houses go away, but it’s still magical. Walking around Charleston at night on the cobblestone roads is really fun. While my family spent time in the city (the first […]

Jestine’s: Charleston

5 years ago, in the month of June, my family and I did a different road trip where we spent the last few days in Charleston and then Nashville. When we had the opportunity to spend (what we thought) would be just one night back in Charleston, we wanted to eat at a local favorite. Our […]