Thrift Shopping & Trip to the Zoo

I don’t know about you, but so far this Summer has been flying by! There are days where I wish there were no time limits as there is so much to do!  Recently, a large garage sale was set up in my neighborhood, people set out tables and invited people from the surrounding area to come […]

Christmas Lights in the South

I’ve never traveled anywhere during the holiday season, therefore seeing Christmas lights anywhere that didn’t have snow was a little different for me, but also really neat at the same time. We went to a thing called Living Desert Lights in Palm Desert which was at the Living Desert Zoo. There are a few light […]

Impromptu Trip Up North

The best kind of trips are the ones that aren’t planned. The ones that come up as an idea the night before.That’s what happened this week on Thursday. There’s a small town about two hours north of my own filled with fun things to do during the Summer. It’s the cutest town! I haven’t gone up […]