Back To School: Round 3

It’s that time again, your favorite bloggers are all writing tips and tricks on moving away for uni or starting up school again in the first place. This time I’m back at the University I transferred to and here’s hoping that this semester is better than the last.It’s nerve-wracking moving away from home, you’ve spent […]

We Danced All Night

Going to a concert is a whirlwind. You buy the tickets months and months in advance, plan everything out, daydream about how one of the singers will make eye contact with you. As the days get closer it starts to feel unreal, you’ve gone through months of counting down, texting your friends that “it’s so […]

Thrift Shopping & Trip to the Zoo

I don’t know about you, but so far this Summer has been flying by! There are days where I wish there were no time limits as there is so much to do!  Recently, a large garage sale was set up in my neighborhood, people set out tables and invited people from the surrounding area to come […]

Exploring and Relaxing are the same thing

When the works starts to pile up, when the nights start to get a little restless, that’s when you know it’s time for a “you” day. A day just to take time for yourself. Creating your own happiness. I’ve had a very strange last couple of weeks. I can’t really describe it to be honest. It […]

Finding Adventure

There is no better feeling than the first day of spring time warmth in Wisconsin. There is also no better feeling than not having a plan and just driving around with a nice camera in the passenger seat. The other weekend, I made the decision to bring my car from home to my University. Yes, being […]

Exploring near the river

If you’ve been reading awhile you may have read that I’ve moved. It’s exciting, a little nerve wracking at first but hey, that’s life I suppose. Being in a new town and on my own I decided to make sure to pack my new camera (the really nice one I got for Christmas and used […]