Being Home (as told in pictures.)

 I’ve been back in my hometown for nearly a month now on my winter break from school. That’s the nicest thing about life after highschool. The homework and tests may be harder, but they give your tired brain a good chunk of time to turn all of the words that have been packed inside, a […]

Christmas Room Decor

This is the first year I’m away from home for a Christmas holiday, which means it’s the first year I get to decorate my very own small space! Like many of you, I love this time of year. Maybe it’s the excitement of the upcoming month-long break from classes and spending time watching Christmas films […]

Exploring near the river

If you’ve been reading awhile you may have read that I’ve moved. It’s exciting, a little nerve wracking at first but hey, that’s life I suppose. Being in a new town and on my own I decided to make sure to pack my new camera (the really nice one I got for Christmas and used […]

Winter Favorites

 Since Winter is almost over (hopefully) I thought I’d share some of my favorite things that I’ve been loving!  First, is this owl mug. I love drinking tea or apple cider especially when it’s below zero and I’m obsessed with owls! It’s a happy combination for the not-so-happy weather! Second, is this gold nail polish by […]