Adventure in the Southwest pt 2

 Although Arizona was colder than expected, it still managed to be a good vacation. While we were visiting my grandparents in their retirement village, we were staying in a unit right behind theirs. The first day we were there, the same day we had just gotten off the airplane, we took a winding, rock filled road […]

Trip Southwest (Part One)

If you haven’t seen my few instagram posts about where I’ve been recently then you wouldn’t know that I’ve been in Arizona for the past week or so, enjoying time with my family whilst we visited my grandparents. I think I’ll put in a few bits and pieces about the trip amongst regular blog posts. […]

Dinner Underground

It’s not every day that I get the chance to go out and eat at some place that’s really neat.  There’s a restaurant in my town called “The Mine Company”. It’s been around since the 1980’s but has since been renovated numerous times. Yet, it still manages to keep the old historic feel inside and […]