Study Abroad Series: Money

Let’s talk money. If you’re thinking about going abroad to study, make sure you look at all of your options. And then you have to look at your bank account.Because, let’s face it, studying abroad is expensive.My program runs at about thirteen-thousand USD, and that’s without the extra traveling that I’ve paid for and am still going […]

Getting through a busy week

This semester has left me with little time for leisure and a big pile of homework. Time feels like it’s moving all too fast. Constantly writing things to do in my planner and actually getting them done feels really satisfying. I haven’t been doing anything too exciting other than homework and coloring in my coloring […]

College Eats: Staying Healthy

The freshman fifteen. Yea that’s a thing. Eating healthy when you’re away from home when you have no one to tell you that “maybe that giant monster cookie isn’t such a good idea for lunch or dinner.” can be really difficult. I really love eating healthy, I have for a really long time. I thought […]

Holiday Brunching

While my first semester of my junior year of college appears in the horizon, I broke out from under the pile of essays and projects that are all due at various times throughout this week and decided to go Christmas shopping. There is just something nice about shopping for someone and watching them wonder what it […]