Exploring and Relaxing are the same thing

When the works starts to pile up, when the nights start to get a little restless, that’s when you know it’s time for a “you” day. A day just to take time for yourself. Creating your own happiness. I’ve had a very strange last couple of weeks. I can’t really describe it to be honest. It […]

Finding Adventure

There is no better feeling than the first day of spring time warmth in Wisconsin. There is also no better feeling than not having a plan and just driving around with a nice camera in the passenger seat. The other weekend, I made the decision to bring my car from home to my University. Yes, being […]

Exploring near the river

If you’ve been reading awhile you may have read that I’ve moved. It’s exciting, a little nerve wracking at first but hey, that’s life I suppose. Being in a new town and on my own I decided to make sure to pack my new camera (the really nice one I got for Christmas and used […]

Trip to the Southwest pt 4

If you’ve been keeping up on these blog posts I hope that you’re enjoying them! After leaving Palm Springs we traveled through the Joshua Tree National Forest. It was cold. Probably about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, though I would have liked to explore some of the trails had we packed along some of our winter jackets. […]

Adventure in the Southwest pt 2

 Although Arizona was colder than expected, it still managed to be a good vacation. While we were visiting my grandparents in their retirement village, we were staying in a unit right behind theirs. The first day we were there, the same day we had just gotten off the airplane, we took a winding, rock filled road […]