An afternoon in Savannah

The last of my vacation posts has sadly arrived. You may have read multiple posts about my travels in the southern United States in Charleston, South Carolina, Asheville, North Carolina and now we’re going to talk about Savannah Georgia. One of the warmest cities I have been to, I thought it would be perfect to […]

Wormsloe Plantation

History intrigues me. Being in the south, surrounded by so much history was exciting for me. After a little hiccup during our trip, we delayed our voyage further down from Charleston, South Carolina to Savannah Georgia. The sun was shining and we had just finished our walk around the beautiful city and went on to […]

SoHo South Cafe: Savannah

Walking around downtown, historic Savannah Georgia can really work up an appetite! We wandered around the parks, looked at historic homes and gravestones, and our growing appetites lead us to a charming restaurant called SoHo South Cafe. No, we weren’t actually in New York City. If you’ve been following my adventures in the south, you could have maybe […]