Road Trip Tunes

Road Trips call for two things: Great people and good music. While I took my roadtrip earlier this summer, I came up with a list of songs that I listen to when I drive from home to university that I love! 1. Drag Me Down by One Direction2. Fire by Ed Sheeran3. Hello by Adele4. Hands […]

Album Review: Made in the A.M

They’ve really done it this time. It’s an entirely different sound, yet their voices are still the same but grown up. If you read my post about their concert (I’m still not over it). I wasn’t going to write an album review, but I really really enjoyed this one and I know some people think […]

Back To School: Round 3

It’s that time again, your favorite bloggers are all writing tips and tricks on moving away for uni or starting up school again in the first place. This time I’m back at the University I transferred to and here’s hoping that this semester is better than the last.It’s nerve-wracking moving away from home, you’ve spent […]

We Danced All Night

Going to a concert is a whirlwind. You buy the tickets months and months in advance, plan everything out, daydream about how one of the singers will make eye contact with you. As the days get closer it starts to feel unreal, you’ve gone through months of counting down, texting your friends that “it’s so […]

One Direction FOUR album Review

Chances are, whether or not you wanted to, you have heard of One Direction. The boy band consists of four British and one Irish lads. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall were all discovered on a British television show called the X Factor, not making it in the individual round, Simon Cowell decided that they would […]