Angel Oak

Do you ever just sit back and think about what life would have been like 300-400+ years ago. It would be about 1716 or 1616. There’s a reason I’m asking you this, don’t worry. There’s a tree just outside of Charleston South Carolina, that is about that age. It’s been there for a really long time […]

Tupelo Cafe: Asheville

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you already know a few things. I love to travel, and the latest place I’ve gotten to is Asheville North Carolina, and secondly, I love food. Visiting new places and trying local food is really fun for me. Looking for a fun place to eat while […]

Savory and Spicy Chickpeas

It’s finally summer. Which means I’m home from University and creating new dishes and enjoying loads of time outside! Eating salads is one of my favorite things, but having salad two meals in a row just isn’t my style, and thus I came up with this dish! A vegan chickpea dish with spices and veggies that’s […]

Getting through a busy week

This semester has left me with little time for leisure and a big pile of homework. Time feels like it’s moving all too fast. Constantly writing things to do in my planner and actually getting them done feels really satisfying. I haven’t been doing anything too exciting other than homework and coloring in my coloring […]

Sunflowers and Monster Cookies

When you go to bed at half past midnight and are woken up at seven in the morning because you have a roommate who decided to make use of the microwave at such an early hour, and then eat her breakfast only to fall asleep shortly after eating, immediately putting you in a grumpy mood, […]

Summer Wedding

Last weekend was stocked full of fun and excitement. After rolling out of bed at 4 on Saturday morning, slowly getting dressed, munching on a Blueberry Clif Bar (my fave) and going off to work, it was time to come home at 11 and get ready for a wedding.  My step-cousin was getting married. I hadn’t been […]