Night Market

Charleston is a city that is filled with so much history. Everything changes when the sun goes down. The streets look different, and the colors of the houses go away, but it’s still magical. Walking around Charleston at night on the cobblestone roads is really fun. While my family spent time in the city (the first […]

On Top of the World

Nature amazes me. I love being surrounded by it. Which obviously explains why I love summer and warm weather. While visiting Asheville, just outside of the city was Chimney Rock. Chimney Rock is a nice hiking spot where you can see the beautiful mountains that North Carolina calls its own. The road up, was a bit […]

Getting through a busy week

This semester has left me with little time for leisure and a big pile of homework. Time feels like it’s moving all too fast. Constantly writing things to do in my planner and actually getting them done feels really satisfying. I haven’t been doing anything too exciting other than homework and coloring in my coloring […]

College Eats: Staying Healthy

The freshman fifteen. Yea that’s a thing. Eating healthy when you’re away from home when you have no one to tell you that “maybe that giant monster cookie isn’t such a good idea for lunch or dinner.” can be really difficult. I really love eating healthy, I have for a really long time. I thought […]

What I’m Loving this Summer

So far, being back home from University is a lot more relaxing, though I’ve got work and an online math course on the side, I’m still finding time to pick and choose a few things I’m loving this summer and I thought I would share them with you! What’s Summer time without a list anyway? Books:I’ve just […]