Making Lemons from Lemonade

Hello everyone! I’m officially back from holiday, while I soaked in as much vitamin D as I could, I let this blog take a back seat. I honestly loved being off the internet, it was freeing not to have it with me and just have my nice camera, not to worry about if my phone […]

Being Home (as told in pictures.)

 I’ve been back in my hometown for nearly a month now on my winter break from school. That’s the nicest thing about life after highschool. The homework and tests may be harder, but they give your tired brain a good chunk of time to turn all of the words that have been packed inside, a […]

The Legend of the Berlin Pretzel Cookies

If you haven’t noticed, my second semester away from home has come to an end, giving me more time to help bake which is something I love to do. These cookies, that I’ve titled this post after, have been passed down through generations and this season it was my turn to learn it. Along with […]

Sweet Holiday Treats

Every holiday season seems to be centered around some main elements, and having sweet treats around is one of them. While the official title of this recipe in the cookbook is “Christmas Toffee Bars”, and traditionally made in my household during the holiday season, you can really choose to make these at anytime of the […]

Holiday Brunching

While my first semester of my junior year of college appears in the horizon, I broke out from under the pile of essays and projects that are all due at various times throughout this week and decided to go Christmas shopping. There is just something nice about shopping for someone and watching them wonder what it […]

Christmas Room Decor

This is the first year I’m away from home for a Christmas holiday, which means it’s the first year I get to decorate my very own small space! Like many of you, I love this time of year. Maybe it’s the excitement of the upcoming month-long break from classes and spending time watching Christmas films […]

Christmas Baking

It’s December, and that means many things. Firstly it means that exams are coming up and I have been busy rustling around in my pile of homework and keeping up with due dates. All while munching on some Christmas cookies. Recently, you read about how I spent Thanksgiving day, but I had five days off. […]