An Autumn Fire and Early Christmas views

A few weekends ago, I was lucky enough to come home once again and spend a bit more time relaxing and less time running around as I felt like I had last time. On a perfectly crisp, autumnal day, my family decided to pack a little lunch and venture out to my grandparents land. There aren’t […]

Cinnamon Spice and All things Nice

That’s the saying right? Or something along those lines I guess. I love the fall season, it’s time for chai teas (with soy or almond milk thank you), everything tastes like pumpkin it seems, and the holiday countdown begins shortly after Halloween. This blog post comes a bit after Halloween, as I was home during […]

Sunflowers and Monster Cookies

When you go to bed at half past midnight and are woken up at seven in the morning because you have a roommate who decided to make use of the microwave at such an early hour, and then eat her breakfast only to fall asleep shortly after eating, immediately putting you in a grumpy mood, […]