Thrift Shopping & Trip to the Zoo

I don’t know about you, but so far this Summer has been flying by! There are days where I wish there were no time limits as there is so much to do!  Recently, a large garage sale was set up in my neighborhood, people set out tables and invited people from the surrounding area to come […]

Casual trip to London?

In Arizona there is a town called Lake Havasu, it’s close to Parker and on the 7th day of my vacation that’s where we went. First, we took a detour to see the wild burrows, they’re also called donkeys. They were so cute! People have been able to feed them, so when we did stop […]

A Christmas Mouse

Christmas is so incredibly close, I can hardly wait. I have my cards sent, my gifts partially finished but on the calendar to be given out and the cookies all baked. It’s been different these past two years as I have really gotten into Christmas. I’m not really sure what happened, I just started getting […]

The Great Minnesota Get Together!

It’s inevitable, the Summer of 2014 is coming to a close. For some of you it may have already come to an end, which leaves you in school waiting until next year! With a little more than a week left of my Summer holiday, my family and I headed off to Minnesota (yes again, we […]

Impromptu Trip Up North

The best kind of trips are the ones that aren’t planned. The ones that come up as an idea the night before.That’s what happened this week on Thursday. There’s a small town about two hours north of my own filled with fun things to do during the Summer. It’s the cutest town! I haven’t gone up […]