Crave Dinner

It’s not often that I get treated to nice dinners out. While my family and myself were enjoying our time visiting our relatives over in Minnesota, we had made reservations to Crave which sat in the Galleria in nearby Edina. We hurried in from the cold and into the welcoming atmosphere at the restaurant. When customers […]

Up in the Clouds

After saying farewell to my grandparents, we drove back to Phoenix. This time to climb Camelback mountain and spend time seeing the city. A downside of being in the city of Phoenix is that at the time, which nobody considered, we had actually arrived in the midst of the bowl games for football. Which resulted in no parking spots at […]

Casual trip to London?

In Arizona there is a town called Lake Havasu, it’s close to Parker and on the 7th day of my vacation that’s where we went. First, we took a detour to see the wild burrows, they’re also called donkeys. They were so cute! People have been able to feed them, so when we did stop […]

Trip to the Southwest pt 4

If you’ve been keeping up on these blog posts I hope that you’re enjoying them! After leaving Palm Springs we traveled through the Joshua Tree National Forest. It was cold. Probably about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, though I would have liked to explore some of the trails had we packed along some of our winter jackets. […]

Christmas Lights in the South

I’ve never traveled anywhere during the holiday season, therefore seeing Christmas lights anywhere that didn’t have snow was a little different for me, but also really neat at the same time. We went to a thing called Living Desert Lights in Palm Desert which was at the Living Desert Zoo. There are a few light […]

Adventure in the Southwest pt 2

 Although Arizona was colder than expected, it still managed to be a good vacation. While we were visiting my grandparents in their retirement village, we were staying in a unit right behind theirs. The first day we were there, the same day we had just gotten off the airplane, we took a winding, rock filled road […]

Thanksgiving USA

Whether you’re from the United States or not, you have probably heard of Thanksgiving. Not everyone celebrates the holiday, though most do, it’s not a very religious one. If you haven’t heard of the holiday before don’t worry! I’m here! Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year. This came after the pilgrims (those […]