Dallas Eats

I am been radio silence for so long, but am putting up a few posts about my last trip! A few weeks ago I went off to Dallas Texas. Which successfully ticked one of my new years resolutions off my list! (To visit two new places a year). And let me tell you Dallas did not disappoint.

I had so many great meals while I was there, and decided to put them all into a list for you to enjoy!

1. The Keeper

One of the best seafood meals I have ever had, The Keeper is located in Plano. I had the Mahi Mahi and it was delicious! We also had the Crab Fried Rice and the Crispy Fried Oysters as appetizers and those were amazing.


2. Snappy Salads

If you’re looking for something healthy and filling, I would definitely recommend stopping at Snappy Salads, I had the grilled avocado salad and it was incredible. They come in big bowls (I got a small and that was still big), and you have a create your own option as well.


3. Food Hall-Plano

There are so many different things at the food hall. Pizza, Paninis, Asian cuisine, green juices, doughnuts, and even waffles. My favorite was the pizza by far!


4.Union Bear-Plano

If you want to sit outside, but a pretty little pond, then I would recommend Union Bear! The service was great and the food was fantastic too! It’s not too far from the food hall either!

We also visited plenty of breweries, I thought those would need their own separate post!

Make sure to check out other posts while you’re here! I hope you liked this one! Leave a comment where you think my next trip should be!


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