20 Reasons to Study Abroad

One year ago on September 24, 2016 I posted this blogpost. Little did I know what a big impact that whole experience was about to have on my life. It went by so fast and I can’t believe that it’s already been a full year! There are new students that are about to study abroad at the same manor I was, so I decided to make a list, if you’re just looking to study abroad, here are 20 reasons to do it!

1. It will change your life. 

2. You’ll gain confidence

3. You’ll meet your best friends


4. You’ll get to visit exciting new places


5. You’ll get to send postcards from around the world

6. You’ll get to try new foods


7. You’ll learn about how different countries work

8. You’ll learn how an airport works

9. You’ll meet people from all over. 

10. You’ll learn that taking a train isn’t that scary and that the subways aren’t that disgusting

11. You’ll feel like more of an adult when you get back


12. You’ll know and see things some people never will

13. Your instagram and facebook will be incredible. 


14. You actually won’t mind going to class because you’re in a different country and you’re traveling each weekend. 

15. You will feel free. 

16. You’ll feel like you’re in a dream most of the time. 


17. You’ll discover new favorite foods. 

18. You’ll discover new favorite clothing stores that they don’t have in the US. (like Primark) 

19. You’ll feel brand new. 


20. You’re life will be changed. (and you won’t be able to stop telling everyone about it) 


If you’re thinking about studying abroad, I strongly recommend it! Make sure you do some research into classes that will transfer when you get back home. I obviously can’t stop talking about it. It’s something you really can’t put into words. Except adding a bunch of heart eye emojis to texts.


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