Sunny Point

It would be really nice to tell you that it never rained on my trip down south, but that would be a lie. The weather held off for us until we were under shelter, and could make our way quickly from the hotel to another restaurant. 


Sunny Point Cafe was another spot on our recommendation list given to us when we checked into our hotel. It was located just down the highway from where we were staying, half indoors and half under a porch area. I ordered a little cocktail that arrived in such a pretty pink color with a flower to top it off. 

This was probably one of our quietest meals, as we had all been to the Biltmore estate earlier in the day and were quite tired. My first impression of Sunny Point was that it was quaint. They have a garden in the back where they get their fresh veggies for salads and other dishes, which I thought was pretty cool. 
The portions were huge! Luckily for me, my mom and I were able to share a BLAT, though I didn’t really eat any of the bacon, so my half was more of a Avocado, Tomato on a croissant. 
It could have been that we were so exhausted when we arrived to dinner that night, but it was definitely my least favorite meal. The salad was delish though, I can just look back and say I have had better dishes. 
Have you ever had a meal you weren’t thrilled with? Have you ever been too tired to enjoy a meal? I hope you’re all having a great summer! 
x Kenzie


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