College Eats: Staying Healthy

The freshman fifteen. Yea that’s a thing. Eating healthy when you’re away from home when you have no one to tell you that “maybe that giant monster cookie isn’t such a good idea for lunch or dinner.” can be really difficult. I really love eating healthy, I have for a really long time. I thought I would share some tips!

Clean Eating

1. If your school has a salad bar, use it. I get 99% of my food from my schools salad bar. Occasionally I’ll have a soup, but only if there are no animal products. My school has a wide variety of toppings, and greens to choose from that make switching up salads fun and exciting. 

Salad Bar

2. Eat breakfast in your room. This is easy. Taking time to make breakfast in your room is consistently stated on so many sites as a healthier way to start the day. Oatmeal is my favorite! 

Organic Oatmeal

3. Read the labels! This is for anyone, even if you’re not in school. If a product has ingredients that you can’t pronounce, you probably shouldn’t put that into your body. Standing in the aisle for 2 minutes extra to look before throwing it into your shopping cart might save you. 

4. Pre-pack meals. This might be hard if you’re like me and live in the dorms. While I’m running around on lower campus, I like to have a pre-packed snack in my bag to take out anytime I get hungry. I snack a lot. 

Apples with Cinnamon are my favorite!

5. Look up some good YouTube workout videos! My favorite channels are Shayloss and Train with Monica. Since I did something funky to my knee I can’t do legs as often, so my abs are going to look great. Probably. 

*Bonus Tip: Even though Organic food might be more expensive, you can always buy in bulk and freeze stuff. My mom freezes a lot of food and it’s completely fine when we take it out later on. Also, coupons=best friends. 


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  1. The freshman 15 was real even though I'm at a community college and live at home, being out and about allllllll day means that fast food or junk food is the easiest and most available option. I definitely need to put some of these tips in practice! Great post 🙂
    Kenzie |


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