My roommate is Afraid!

Language barriers. 

We all experience them at some point in our lives. Whether it be with coworkers, foreigners, or customers who just don’t understand what any of your product is or what it means. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you might have seen the post about my International Roommate.

At some point in that post, I thought, we could still be friends. Here’s why I don’t think that’s going to happen. 

1.) She was afraid of me. And didn’t talk to me for an entire 4 days. That’s right. I’m terrifying.In reality, I had asked her why she wasn’t using the water bottle I had given her in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste (she was bringing 3-4 plastic water bottles into the room.) To which she replied “it’s okay.” Only to tweet later: Roommate do not interfere, plastic is easier. I saw it. I confronted her. And later, four days later she confessed that she was afraid of me because I spoke directly to her about a problem. Oh. Boy. 

rlly dude
(We live in a small room, I can’t just let things slide or I will go crazy.) 

2.)  She still doesn’t take out the trash or recycles. I’m the one doing it once a week. 
3.) She still has a weird sleeping schedule.
Chandler Bing

4.)The definition of “quiet” is very different to her. Slamming drawers late at night to rummaging around them, crinkling papers at 3am, letting her alarm go off at 6:45am and not waking up until I have to say “your alarm is going off.” I don’t want to be awake at that hour, nor do I have to (it’s always when I have class at 11am.
The Office Gifs
5.) She doesn’t believe in personal hygiene. Washing hands without soap, and not wearing deodorant are two things that in my perspective are very important. (though I think this is a cultural difference as I’ve read many articles about Japanese culture and not washing hands with soap) I keep typing soup and not soap. 

Side Eye gif
While those are negatives in our roommate relationship, there are some positives that have happened thus far in the semester. 

1.) She was afraid of me. Which meant she avoided me like the plague and I had the room to myself. She still might be afraid and goes downstairs to do homework which means Kenzie gets “me” time everyday. 
Relax gif
2.) She gave me candy. She brought sweets back from Japan. Matcha flavored KitKats, are a thing.

3.) She’s much better at making her bed now. No crazily piled sheets this semester HOORAY. 
The Office gif
4.)Our conversations are short. Usually when I ask about her day it’s something like “Oh it was cold out, busy day.” Never asks about mine…

5.) She picks up my chapstick. This happens quite a few times. It just rolls of my desk and lands on the floor. She always asks if it’s mine (where else would it have come from???) and when I say yes she laughs like it’s the funniest thing.  I’m hilarious. I know. 

Not funny gif
As my roommate continues to confuse me daily, I just remind myself it’s one day closer to Summer. The language barrier is still present, I think it’s because she went home to Japan over our 5 week break and didn’t have to practice English. 

Cant understand gif

Oh well. 

I hope you guys all liked this post! Have you ever gone to a foreign country and stumbled into some language barriers? Let me know! 
Thanks for reading as always! 

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  1. I was so excited at first, and invited her to things but she just wanted to hang out with her friends who were from japan, so it's not like I didn't try either! Very true! Thanks for reading xx


  2. I cannot imagine having to share an actual bedroom with a stranger – when I was at uni we had private bedrooms and just communal kitchens/bathrooms. At least at the end of this you can say it was an experience but its lovely to hear you're getting to know each other a little better too – those Matcha flavoured kit kats do sound awesome! x

    Viva Epernay


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