A New Year

While it seems like every blogger I follow has already written their New Year blog post, it seems that I’ve stayed true to myself and have come in a bit late. You can read my blog post about what 2015 meant to me here. My family had traveled once again to celebrate New Years, though unlike last year we only traveled one state over to stay with my cousins. While we ended the year with two trips to two separate malls, and my mom and I took a stroll through Ikea and after eating a nice dinner of sushi and pesto chicken at the restaurant called Crave crashed someone else’s New Years eve party. The year 2015 went out pretty well I’d say, and it brought along a lot of good types of change, 2016 is bringing in a few resolutions and things to look forward to!

1. Eating Clean: While many people all around the world make their “i’m going to eat healthy this year” resolutions, my whole family and I have decided to really go for it. Clean out our pantries of processed foods (that means those Christmas cookies too) and eat fresh and clean. I’ve loved meal planning so far,and I can’t wait to share some with you if you’re interested!

 2. Travel: I’m lucky enough to have one nice trip planned this year that I cannot wait for. It involves driving in a car and lounging on a beach. I’ll be bringing my new camera of course and can’t wait to share everything with you!

3.Blog Posts: I want to explore other blogs, it’s always fun to read about people’s travels, recipes, and tips and tricks so if you have any recommendations or want me to read your blog make sure to leave your links in my comments and I’ll be right there in minutes. I’d also like to get to over 100 followers on Bloglovin/Google Plus.

4. Adventures: I’m still pretty new to the town my University is in and I think one goal I’d like to set is to find something new at least once a month, or every other month. This is the second spring semester that I’ll be there, so hopefully I’ll be able to!

5.Do something for the first time. This one is already a pre-planned event that is happening at the end of the summer and I’m very excited to share it with you all, but the date isn’t set yet and I really don’t want to jinx it!

I hope you all have a great New Year! How did you end your 2015? Did you set any exciting plans or resolutions? Leave me links of your favorite blogs in the comments as well! Thanks for always reading! xx Kenzie


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